The application of E280 series inverter in music fountain

Abstract:  This paper introduces the application of E280 series inverter in music fountain. The scheme can satisfy requirements both in project and energy-saving, characterized by high automation, reliable running and environmental protection.
Keywords: music fountain, E280, inverter

  People pays more attention on the ambiance of living environment with the development of economy and living standard. Music fountain, relying on its unique beauty composed by sound, light, water and color becomes an important part of urban landscape construction. Nowadays large and medium-size city race to build music fountain and small city also imitate, which promotes the application of music fountain. This paper mainly introduces the system of music fountain and illustrates application of SUNFAR inverter in it.

Ⅰ. Structure of music fountain system
 Usually, the music fountain system is composed by audio control system, fountain control system and light control system. 

 1.Audio control system
    Audio control system consists of music player, pre-amplifier, power-amplifier, monitor speaker and sound column. Most of system adopts multimedia PC program to play music as following:

                                  Diagram 1 

2. Fountain control system
    It consists of fountain PLC, inverter, pump, multifunctional valve, gimbaled nozzle and water feed pipe. Among of them, fountain pump adopts variable-frequency speed adjustment technique to realize stepless speed regulation and control the speed of pump according to the strength of audio signal. Multifunctional valve and gimbaled nozzle is controlled by fountain PLC as following:

                                             Diagram 2

3. Light control system
Controlled by fountain PLC
    Music fountain control system, one of the industrial field control system, integrates music control, program control and intelligent control technology. Its principle computer mainly consists of multimedia industry PC or PLC which support real-time music control according to the melody, rhythm and audio frequency, adding the tube control to realize complex on-site control combing sound, light and electricity.


Ⅱ. Application of inverter in music fountain system
  Inverter changes rotating speed by accepting fountain control signal(communication signal or analog signal)which transmit by audio control system to realize the fountain’s change.

1.Solution introduction
E280 series inverter is a general inverter made by SUNFAR. It has the features as follows:
(1) Strong over-loading capacity,150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s
(2) Wide range of speed  1:100
(3) High precision ±0.5% 
(4) Rapid dynamic response <=20ms
(5) Perfect accelerate/decelerate 0.1s
(6) High reliability
  The perfect characteristics of acceleration/deceleration is able to match the loading pump to realize stable ACC/DEC and alter output frequency at moment to change the waveform and make the wave shape synchronize with audio signal.


2.Wiring diagram of inverter system
                                                Diagram 3

3. parameter setting


 analog quantity VC1 setting frequency


 terminal control as control command


 lower rate limit 20.0HZ


 accelerating time 1.5S


 decelerating time 1.5S


 relay output as inverter fault


 fault recovery 3 times


 0.5-second intervals fault recovery 


4. Procedures and cautions
(1)wiring according to the electrical diagram and set inverter parameter based on the given parameters.
(2)When the system startup, monitor the fountain whether operates with the music player, alter acceleration/deceleration time and modify input analog quantity.
(3)modify the lower limit frequency on the basis of water column requirements.


5.Frequent question
(1)Audio signal disturbance: harmonic interference in the music fountain system will be amplified to the harsh noise by the amplifier system. It can be solved by the following methods:
a. Reduce carrier frequency
b.inverter should be reliable grounding
c.audio signal control line keep away from inverter’s power line


(2) Skip protection. The fact that fountain pump is adjusted at all time with the strength of audio signal requires fast response of inverter and short acceleration/deceleration time of during debug parameters. However, over current protection will occurs if the time is excessively short. Users should set proper time according to the specific situation.


Ⅲ. summary
    The successful application of SUNFAR E280 offers a model for the music fountain. It is demonstrated that E280 inverter can satisfy the needs of music fountain and save energy as well as bring wonderful experience for the spectator.