key word: TS2600 series air compressor dual-inverter electrical-control drive system

TS2600 series screw compressor dual-inverter electrical-control drive system is a kind of high-performance integrated cabinet especially designed for the air compressor industry. It integrates all requirements of peripheral auxiliaries in the air compressor industry, and can operate without other electrical elements and wire channels. 
TS2600 employs high-performance closed-loop vector inverter unit as the control system of the screw master motor. Equipped with variable-frequency air compressor control adapter cards (standard asynchronous motor adapter cards) and variable-frequency screw air compressor control panel, it is characterized by easy installation and commissioning, high integration, high system reliability and high cost effectiveness, representing leading level in the air compressor industry.



- Optimized PID design, allowing for stable operation of the system and avoiding frequent load and unloading regulation at maximum;
- Real-time monitoring of overload degree of the air compressor, and display of overload alarm information;
- Automatic sleeping function, favorable for energy conservation and reducing equipment wearing;
- Able to detect various blocking signals, including air filter and oil filters, etc; timely alarming on LCD display, and clearing of alarm information via reset button;
- Multi-point temperature detection; with oil temperature detection channel, and 1-channel PT100 temperature detection channel, which can be also used for detection of motor’s internal temperature;
- Providing 1-channel independent 485 interface, which can be used for remote monitoring and control or for networking of multiple air compressors; Modification of relevant inverter parameters on LCD display screen (high integration);
- Real-time clock function, display of current time and recording of fault time, convenient for maintenance and inquiry.
- Having phase detection function and oil cooling fan current detection function, hence allowing for real-time display of the master motor’s working current; and having the motor overload and overcurrent protection function.



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