A510 AC Drive


A510/F series frequency inverters are high-end inverter products launched in 2011 on the basis of a new generation of hardware platform for participating in global competition. With original hardware and software platform module design, the whole series products are equipment with built-in DC electric reactors. This series of inverters can at maximum set with six various kinds of peripheral expansion modules. By making combination of various system macros and application macros in the software, these modules can greatly simplify user’s system design scheme about the inverter, and promote automatic control level and control frequency of the entire transmission system.

Differences between A510F and A310:

The entire series of A510F inverters are equipped with built-in three-phase input filters and DC reactors, while A510 series only have built-in DC reactors.
-The power range of A510F series: 1.1KW ~ 37KW
-The power range of A510 series: 1.1KW ~ 132KW




- Closed-loop current vector, open-loop current vector, torque control, V/F control, and adaptive to AC asynchronous motors or permanent magnet synchronous motors.
- Loading capacity 120%, long term; 160%--60s; 200%--1s.
- Super strong start torque, maximum 75us current closed-loop control cycle, and zero-speed 250% start torque.
- Maximum 400.0Hz base frequency output in high-frequency operation mode.
- A single unit can be simultaneously connected with 2-3 bus communication modules (MODBUS/PROFIBUS-DP/…).
- Exclusive communication linkage control function, allowing for automatic self-balancing of current, power or torque during synchronous transmission of multiple motors and synchronous linkage of position.
- Spindle servo and division positioning control.
- Flexible configuration of priorities of frequency/revolution setup channels.
- Standard configuration of two kinds of double groups of motor parameters (asynchronous motors, synchronous motors), allowing for switching of vector control of two sets of motors of different capacity or different kinds.
- Virtual input and output functions.



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