Remember where we started and push ahead—SUNFAR 2018 New Year Festival Gala successfully held

January 26 witnessed the grand opening of the SUNFAR 2018 New Year Festival Gala in Shenzhen.


Sing songs to bid farewell to the past year while starting our new journey to welcome the new one. SUNFAR 2018 New Year Festival Gala was held ceremoniously in the Headquarters located in Shenzhen. The gala was not just a creative audio-visual feast for more than three hundred guests and employees but also a great presentation of new games and funs supported by internet elements and innovative ideas.


Farewell 2017 and hello 2018

  How time flies. The past year of 2017 is the year that we struggled most and felt proudest of. Facing the great challenges from transformation and upgrading, we just clenched our fists and advanced fearlessly toward the goal of being an automation product and solution provider through our hard-working and relentless trying. A great gratitude to all of the staffs for their sacrifices for the growth and success of the company gained in the past year.

Models in SUNFAR

There is such a group of excellent people in our family, no matter who is a rookie or veteran, all having contributed themselves to the glory of the family through their diligent and hard work.

The advanced units and persons were commended in the gala for their great concerns and unremitting efforts for the development of the company. And the commendation itself is a tremendous encouragement for each staff to achieve more accomplishments.


 Highlights in the Gala

After taking a look at those wonderful performances echoed by warm applauses, it must be admitted that we are a company filled with talents and elites.  


Looking back to 2017 and forward to the road ahead, we have neither given in to the pressure nor relaxed ourselves because of the achievements we have obtained. One step further means a brilliant future and another glory. The year of 2018 is sure to witness our success in all fields. And in doing so, we are willing to work and grow with each of our staff. 


Building A, Industrial Area,No.2 Road, Gusu Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen