CAIMRS: We are advancing.

SUNFAR Electric Technologies was awarded the CAIMRS Enterprise Development Breakthrough Prize and Intelligent Demonstration Prize.

On March 16, 2018, the 2018 China Automation Market Research Seminar (CAIMRS) was held jointly by and National Alliance of Industry and Information Technology Achievement Transfer (NIITA) in Beijing. Attributed to the excellent market performance, we were honored with two major prizes including 2017 CAIMRS Enterprise Development Breakthrough Prize and 2017 CAIMRS Intelligent Demonstration Prize, showing the company’s supreme brand advantages in the automation field.

As deemed as the most influential, popular, public and fair activity, the 16th Automation and Intelligence Annual Selection, which has been recognized by both PLC companies and the related users, is the most important part of CAIMRS each year.

Since founded in 2004, we have won the Top Ten Domestic Inverter Brands many times because we are widely accepted by the market for our development and sale of inverters. In 2013, relying on our abundant experience in industrial automation field and business acumen, we planned in advance by focusing on both industries and products. Along with the increasing investment in servo, PLC, HMI product development, we redefined ourselves from an inverter manufacturer to a comprehensive automation solution provider. Through our endeavors on the subdivision industries and constant tracking of large customers, we have also achieved great progress in central AC industry, wood-working machinery and high-end PLCs which have all grown gradually and are now strong enough to compete with top domestic and foreign brands.

The awarding of Enterprise Development Breakthrough Prize and Intelligent Demonstration Prize is the affirmation of our past management and operation. From now on we will continue going forward by bringing better products and services to our customers a


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