Talks about Business Opportunities: Visit Overseas Customers

      Overseas market has always been the focus of the strategic planning in the Simphoenix which will annually organize the business personnel to conduct overseas market research and customer visits. At the beginning of June in this year, thecolleagues from the Overseas Business Department of Simphoenixhave been gradually going abroad to carry out overseas business activities.

      The destination of this trip is in Europe, mainly centralized in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and other countries and regions. Simphoenix has been cultivated in the European market for many years and also participated in a number of local international exhibitions, such as the Turkey Industrial Shows, Power Electronics Moscow and Industrial Automation Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, which have laid a solid customer base.


      The business personnel of Simphoenix visited the local agencies and listened to the detailed reports with respect to customers’ views on the local market conditions and their own business situation. And Simphoenix business staff said that they will further support the agents to carry out the work in the future, and expressed gratitude to the customers for support and trust over the years. In addition, they collected and answered to the customer after-sales problems, while the accompanying technical staffs offered a series of technical guidance and training to customers.

      Also, the Company visited several customers focusing on discussion of cooperation matters, and amicably invited customers to pay a return visit in Shenzhen.

      After such visit, the Company has a deep understanding about the local market and customers, while further expands the influence of the Simphoenix in this survey. And at the end of November in this year, Simphoenix will continue to participate in the SPS Nuremberg Industrial Automation Exhibition held in Germany, so we are looking forward to meeting you in the exhibition.




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