Our Culture


Drive industry development and make progress with employees

Shenzhen SUNFAR Electric Technologies Co., Ltd is always dedicated to drive development of national industrial automation industry and will make unremitted efforts to make our national automation industry gear into world leading level and stand out in the world stage. Employees are our backbones and true masters. Aside from making reasonable profits to maintain healthy development of the company and make investment, we will try best to help employees make progress in terms of spirit and material so as to make employees survive and development together with our enterprises.


To become most trusted enterprise, to provide high quality products and spread SUNFAR products all over the world

Vision is the core content of enterprise culture. The enterprise spirit, core value, operating guideline andoperating concept are all established for this objective. It defines an enterprise's medium and long-term objectives and the orientation of all employees, includingfollowing three aspects: (1) Social recognition – to become most trusted enterprise. (2) Product design – provide high quality products (3) Brand building – spread SUNFAR products all over the world.


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